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1930s Semi-Detached Extension


At Home Architecture, we are experts in designing stunning extensions, remodeling projects, obtaining planning approvals for home improvements, and creating new builds.

With our extensive experience and in-depth understanding of planning regulations, are committed to delivering exceptional results and to date we have over one hundred and fifty successfully granted planning applications across West Berkshire and the South of England. Our team at Home Architecture is dedicated to providing personalised guidance to help you achieve your goals.

As the saying goes, "Sometimes when you see something that looks so right, it's hard to imagine that it wasn't always this way..."

Let's turn your vision into a reality!

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  • Expertise: We are a specialist team of home designers with honed skills and strategies.
  • Client-Centric Approach: Our focus is on delivering fantastic results that bring enjoyment and tangible benefits to our clients.
  • Personalised Service: We offer a personalised and friendly service to create bespoke homes tailored to your future needs.
  • Collaborative Journey: We take your initial thoughts and ideas and guide you through an exciting journey of discovery.
  • Perfect Results: Our goal is to deliver the perfect result, perfectly aligned with your vision.
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Are you considering extending your existing house to create more space and light?

At Home Architecture, based in Newbury, Berkshire we specialise in innovative extension projects that enhance your living experience while respecting the unique character of your home and its surroundings.

Unlocking Potential: Extending Your Home

Extending your home is an exciting opportunity to tailor your living space to your needs. Whether you're dreaming of a spacious open-plan kitchen diner flooded with natural light or seeking additional bedrooms or living areas, a well-planned extension can transform your existing house into your ideal home.

Navigating Planning Regulations: Permitted Development and Conservation Areas

Understanding planning regulations is crucial when embarking on an extension project. In some cases, certain extensions may fall under Permitted Development (PD) rights, allowing for streamlined approval processes. However, if your property is in a conservation area or requires significant alterations, working closely with local authorities and conservation officers is essential to ensure compliance while achieving your vision.

Collaborative Design Process: From Concept to Construction

At Home Architecture, our experienced architectural designers collaborate closely with structural engineers and local authorities to navigate the complexities of building an extension. From the initial design phase to obtaining approvals and overseeing building work, we manage the entire process to deliver exceptional results.

Maximising Space: Side Extensions and Ground Floor Transformations

Side extensions are an effective way to add space to a semi-detached house or detached property. By extending the ground floor, you can create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living areas, harnessing natural light and optimising flow.

Cost-Effective Solutions: House Extension Costs and Value

We understand the importance of budget considerations. Our team provides transparent cost estimates and works diligently to optimise project efficiency without compromising quality. A well-executed extension can significantly increase the value of your property while enhancing your quality of life.

Inspiring Ideas: Tailored Designs for Every Home

Whether you envision a modern glass extension or a sympathetic addition that complements the existing architecture, our portfolio of house extension ideas showcases diverse possibilities. From contemporary to traditional styles, we tailor designs to reflect your personal taste and lifestyle.

Embracing Innovation: Creating Open Plan Kitchen Diners

Open-plan kitchen diners are a popular choice for modern living. Our designers specialise in maximising natural light and creating functional, inviting spaces that serve as the heart of your home. We integrate the latest trends in kitchen design with architectural finesse to deliver a space that enhances daily living.


STAGE 1 - Feasibility Study + Concept Design + Costing + Developed Design + Planning.

STAGE 2 - Technical Design + Building Regulations

STAGE 3 - Detailed Design + Builders Tenders + Home Building Contracts + Project Management


Established in 2013, over 20 years of experience. We are a full service firm that offers design and building solutions so that you can make your dream home a reality.


New Build, Detached 4 Bedroom Home In A Conservation Area - Design & Build
A creative, kitchen design! The extension allows for open plan living, and a space where the light fills the room. A statement kitchen island that converted a traditional L-shaped kitchen into a commu

Unlock Your Dream Project with Our Comprehensive Services!

Are you ready to turn your project vision into reality?

At Home Architecture, we've got you covered every step of the way. Our experienced team is dedicated to making your dream project a resounding success.

Here's how we can help:

1. Project Feasibility Assessment

  • Wondering if your project is viable?
  • Concerned about budget constraints?
  • Curious about the chances of securing planning approval?

Let us provide the answers you need!

2. Developing Your Design Brief

  • Explore options you might not have considered.
  • Tailor the design to your exact requirements.

Your dream design is within reach!

3. Expert Planning Advice

  • In-house planning expertise.
  • Access to specialised advice when needed.

Ensure a smooth path to planning approval!

4. Measured Survey

  • Establish a precise project baseline with our building and land surveys.

5. Concept Design

  • Be inspired by our captivating concept proposals.
  • Visualise your project like never before!

6. 3D Visualisations

  • Immerse yourself in your project with our lifelike 3D visuals.
  • Gain a deep understanding of design proposals and spatial dynamics.

7. Developed Design

  • Hone your project's design for a flawless outcome.
  • Prepare drawings and documents for permitted development and planning applications.

8. Budget Estimates

  • Gain insight into potential build costs based on our extensive project knowledge.

9. Listed Building Consent

  • Expertise in handling listed building projects.

10. Technical Design

- Navigate Building Regulations seamlessly.

11. Detailed Design

- Enhance precision and clarity in your project.

- Minimise on-site decisions and reduce construction delays.

12. Builder's Tender Pack

- Comprehensive packages for builders, including structural information, specifications, and schedules.

13. Contract Administration

- Keep your project on track and within budget.

- Handle contract administration and resolve any issues efficiently.

14. Project Management

- Enjoy peace of mind with proactive planning, coordination, and a single point of contact.

- Benefit from trade discounts from our approved suppliers.

Are you searching to find the right solution and need expert help to achieve great results?

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Just take a look at what our past clients have to say:

Michael has been brilliant to work with. As a young developer trying to break into the industry, he has been really helpful and has a good approach to the design process. He really grasps your vision and way of thinking to create something stunning. Along with a grounded approach in terms of costs and realistic budgets. Would highly recommend.

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